About Modern Protagonist

Modern Protagonist Media, LLC  is pleased to bring you www.modernprotagonist.com. This site includes original commentary and curates commentary and analysis from various thinkers and columnists. Authors will include regular MP contributors, as well as articles submitted by freelance writers.  Curated news and commentary will be hand-picked web stories and op-eds from reputable publications and critical thinkers. The views expressed in curated news and commentary (published on third party sites), as well as the original commentary published from MP contributors or free lance writers does not necessarily reflect the views of Modern Protagonist, its owners or editors. Heck, we plan to publish opposing viewpoints side by side.

We strive to be life affirming and empowering. Where possible, we hope our commentary will have life application for our readers.

Even though we will comment on politics, we hope to do so in a way that is people-centered rather than DC-centric.

Life, public policy and economics are complex. We relish the opportunity to delve into those complexities. We understand that public policy and economics is full of trade-offs. Modernprotagonist.com presents commentary and curate articles that identify those trade-offs, rather than glibly gloss over inconvenient facts.

Learn more about our vision by reading our Mission Statement here.

Editorial Board and Authors

Douglas McCullough – Publisher and Author

Shawn Fry – Publisher and Author

Kristina Kiik – Managing Editor

Christina Maru – Technology Editor


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Investor Relations

Modern Protagonist Media, LLC is not actively seeking investment at this time. However, if you are an investor interested in learning more about our mission and business plan, please contact us at editor@modernprotagonist.com.

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To contact Modern Protagonist, email us at: editor@modernprotagonist.com. Please identify the nature of your inquiry in the subject mail of your email. Article submissions should be styled “Article Submission”, general questions should be marked “Question”, vitriolic complaints should be marked “Spam” so we won’t wast our time reading them.