Submission Guidelines

The editorial mission of is to foster critical thinking and civil dialogue on relevant political, economic and social topics by sharing ideas, data and thoughtful analysis. readers are business people and other professionals who live active lives and are dissatisfied with the polarized nature of politics and their running dogs, the professional media. Our readers are engaged in life and business and desire a media source that is not beholden to the political parties or activists, but encourages honest analysis and deeper thinking. Our readers desire to continually learn and be engaged in the marketplace and our communities.

Editorial Submissions

We are accepting articles and opinion pieces that are well-written, factual, and present fresh ideas and critical thinking. We require articles to be written in a spirit of goodwill toward all readers. The tone of articles should be written as if it will be written by an audience that includes your friends, peers, critics, and your grandmother. Articles should be no more inflammatory than the author would be willing to say to those people face to face.

We encourage good humor and invite provocative concepts.  However, we will not tolerate name calling or other rude comments  or other indecent remarks or behavior.  We encourage our writers to persuade through facts and thoughtful analysis, not shout louder than their opponents. (This is not a cable news program or a college protest).

Articles must not be overtly partisan or self-serving. Modern Protagonist is not a propagandist, nor an outlet for thinly-veiled advertisements.

We encourage writers to address the complexities of complicated issues, rather than glossing over inconvenient facts and counter points. Economics and  politics is always about trade-offs. We encourage writers to thoughtfully address trade-offs when discussing public policy.

When possible, we prefer articles that have some real-world/life application. Modern Protagonist is life affirming and empowering. Although we are not interested in publishing manuals for political activists, we encourage writers to point out actions readers can take in their personal lives and within their communities.

While we welcome spirited conversations, we will not tolerate inflammatory speech, nor any form of incitement to violence.  Our editorial policy is that deeply controversial topics must be reserved for full-length, sober treatment, and not dealt with glibly, or by means of casual, implicit statements.

The views expressed by contributing authors or free-lance writers does not necessarily reflect the views of Modern Protagonist, its owners or editors.

Appropriate Topics

Modern Protagonist Media, LLC reserves the right to publish or not publish any article or portion of an article submitted to it.

Currently, we are accepting articles on politics, economics, business, technology, life and other brainiac topics.

Article proposals may be submitted to

Author Credit

Modern Protagonist will identify contributing authors in bylines. When submitting an article, please submit a brief bio that includes your company website, along with a hi-resolution photo for possible use in the byline.

Editorial Process

ModernProtagonist Media, LLC is not responsible for verifying the facts in submitted articles. Contributing authors are  responsible for fact checking. To assist us with our editorial process, please provide the contact information for any primary sources, as well as citations to any secondary sources for your articles. (If possible, send weblinks).

We will not substantially edit an article without the consent of the contributing author.

Submitting Article

Submit an Article by attaching a .doc document to e-mail and send to

Required Article Format:

Margin: Left justified
One line between paragraphs
One space between sentences

Please, do not use text formatting except Italic for titles, headers, sub headers, publication names, and  for emphasis.   Any references to other publications should be incorporated into the article rather than in footnotes.   For longer articles, headings within the body copy are encouraged for ease in reading. All articles should include a headline, byline, and the author’s bio.

Except as agreed to in writing, does not pay for article submissions.